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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 more Cheeses

Herb Cheese and Pepper Cheese
Basically to make either of these cheeses, use the fimo clay proportions for Brie.
Roll into cylindrical balls, coat in liquid fimo and roll in either black pepper or herbs.
Bake for the recommended time & oven setting for your brand of clay.

Danish Blue Cheese
This is a crumbly cheese with distinctive green moldy looking veins.

1 part translucent
1/8 part leaf green
1/16 part navy blue
4 parts leaf green
1 part navy blue

Do not mix either of these too much; leaving bands of blue showing.
Roll into thin rope and bake for no more than 10 minutes so that the clay is underdone & crumbles easily.
Chop finely. You could use a grater. However this will give you uniform pieces. Much better to chop.

Cheese clay proportions:
2 parts white
3 parts translucent
1/2 part champagne
1/16 yellow

Condition well and gradually mix the chopped "bacteria" into the "cheese". You can also add some semolina if you choose.
Form into a cylindrical ball.
After cooling in the fridge, it can be cut into segments and conditioned using your stencil brush.
Bake for the recommended time & oven setting for your brand of clay.

Still to come: Edam and American Cheddar.


  1. Karin, these are making me wonder if I have some crackers to go with the cheese in my fridge! yum! hugs, ara

  2. Karin your cheeses are awesome! I love the blue!


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