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Friday, January 8, 2010

Misery Loves Company

Where's the Global Warming we've been promised?

I'm reading from all manner of blogging friends, unaccustomed to the amount of snow and cold that they've experienced lately; seeing some gorgeous photos of British countryside and hearing tales of intrepid expeditions to Tesko's aka the grocery store, written in polar expedition style.
And all I can say is "love those photos!" ...all the while chortling secretly because to us over here in Canada the snow that they're moaning about would be considered just a light dusting and their -10C temperatures would here be known as balmy.
I know I should be graceful and sympathetic to people unaccustomed to this type of weather. I should commiserate but I also know that all too soon I'll be seeing photos of spring flowering gardens while I'm still stuck in the doldrums of winter.

So I thought I'd post some photos of a "real" winter like the one at the start of this post; that was just a small sampling of what our winter was like last year. Snow started falling in early November and never stopped until March!
Here we have Luna modelling winter fashions that no self respecting Canadian (hairless) dog would be without. flannel Pj's. Note the fashionable 2 button rear "flap" for easy access when a quick trip out-of-doors is necessary.

Eh? What's that? ....sure, I'd love to see more photos of your poor frozen palm trees out there in your garden! Eh? No, you must be mistaken. I'd never laugh at your predicament!
What's that? You heard that there's a turn around predicted in your weather forecast!!? Well good for you.... damn!
OK Luna, I know you have to go badly but just wait until I get your snowshoes fastened! Have you got your shovel handy?


  1. =-) Dear Canadian friend...

    I must confess that I've only been to your fine country once as an adult. However, I helped shovel a walkway that resulted in snowbanks over our heads! It was unbelievable to an Ohio girl. I hope I never forget the feeling of seeing that amazing pile.

    Keep warm,
    Stay safe,
    Blessings to you,

  2. my knowledge, bad memories fade with time. LOL


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