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Friday, January 15, 2010

End of the cheeses and cheeseboards

I apologize for not showing you the finished cheeseboards sooner. Ken had to fly to Edmonton on family business so in his absence I'm trying to get our new entryway finished. I still had to get the final compound layer on the bare drywall; then sand it all down.
Generally it takes 3 coats of compound with a sanding in between each coat to cover the edges, corners and screw holes to produce a finished wall. If you've ever done this type of work, you know the kind of mess it creates. Not bad enough that the fine compound dust flies off each wall worked on and coats better than a long forgotten layer of dust, I have mine as well as all three animals tracking prints throughout the rest of the house.
Today I primed the raw drywall then because I'm finally in the home stretch, I continued on and painted the ceilings (the entryway was constructed in such a way that requires me to paint the foyer as well). Hopefully tomorrow I can get the walls painted. They may need two coats to cover properly. Then I'll need to give the house a thorough cleaning to get rid of all that dust....that's between a shiatsu massage and a tanning session. I'm going to be a busy girl!
So back to the cheeseboards: I'm not happy with the whole wheat crackers. So next week, I'll make some saltines and at the same time I'll show you how to do easy-peasy grape bunches.
Since I like to multitask, at the same time, I could do more pears. I have an idea for a more realistic looking pear skin.


  1. I LOVE the cheeseboards! The Wheat crackers look good to me, I'll 'eat em', lol, Look forward to seeing more! Great job!

  2. Tip for you, there are reduced dust drywall mud formulas. The keep the dust on the floor instead of in the air. I switched to that kind and love it. But my days of fixing up real houses for resale are over, I will stick to making dollhouses.

  3. thanks Karin...have been told the same by my local building center. It wouldn't have been so bad if only we all hadn't tracked the dust thru out the house. I'll stick to a broom next time.

  4. That good cheese, I love, are great .. I now eat a little cheese.
    Hugs. Angeles.

  5. Wonderful cheeses! Thanks so much for the tutorials but I'm sure my effort won't look anything like yours!!


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