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Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Cheese Tutorials

French Brie

fimo color proportions:
1/8 yellow
2 champagne
3 white
3 translucent

Condition well.
Roll out at maybe your 3rd setting from the thickest.
Cut one long strip 1/4" wide and two 1" circles.
Stand the strip up around one of the circles. Press tightly.
Meanwhile take the rest of the unused "cheese" and mix with liquid Fimo to a creamy consistency.
Fill your hollow cheese with the "creamy brie".
Cover with your remaining cheese circle.
Carefully seal all seams.
Coat your cheese with more liquid fimo being careful not to have any puddle. Roll in talcum powder.
Definitely harden in the fridge for a good hour!
When hard, take a scribe or thin knitting needle & carefully indent some parallel lines across the top of your cheese.
Slice into segments. Remove any creamy cheese that has leaked out too much.
Bake at the recommended time & setting for your clay.

Swiss Cheese

fimo color proportions:
1/8 golden yellow
1/8 orange
1/2 champagne
1-1/2 white
2 translucent

Condition well.
Roll out on your biggest pasta machine setting.
Slice into one long strip. Then, into DH portions.
Take your ball tools and texture all sides.

Bake at the recommended temperature for your clay.

On the cheeseboard, there are now: Dutch Gouda, Red Leicester, Swiss Cheese, French Brie and the Yorkshire Wensleydale with Cranberries.

Hopefully there'll be room for some American Cheddar, Dutch Edam & peppered Cheese as well as some crackers, grapes and/or pears.


  1. I love your Brie!!! It'd fabulous! I look forward to seeing each cheese you create!

  2. these are fantastic! especially the Brie. I've wanted to do some Brie for a while, now I can see how it's done--!!

    lovely and yummy!

    Julie Old Crow


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