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Monday, January 18, 2010

Airports and Airport Security

As you know in 5 days, I'll be on my way to the warmth & sunshine of Cuba....the island next door to Haiti!
Because we'll not be stopping in any US airport we will be allowed 20 lbs of carry-on luggage. But with "fruit of the boom" terrorists about, it's sometimes difficult to know exactly what the new airport rules and regs are. So I thought I'd look to see what I could find.
The first u-tube has to do with the inner workings of an airport....Vancouver airport getting ready for the Olympics to be exact. This video is uniquely Canadian complete with Canadian references (Belinda Stronach is a politician while Michaelle Jean is our Governor General):

Now the next one has to do with security. Please remember that Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian. If you're nervous about the whole situation, please understand that neither Rick nor I mean to give any offense. My personal idea of airport security is a lot more stringent than what we're doing. If anything we should be more like the Israelis. By that I mean racial profiling and security measures taken before you step foot inside an airport. However if you can't laugh about the situation, you might as well hide in a bunker for the rest of your lives. Let's get on with life & hope for the best:

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