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Saturday, January 9, 2010


....forget anything I said in the prior post entitled "Misery Loves Company"

If these are Britain's new defensive driving techniques, I'm glad I live in a country where people know how to drive in bad weather. .....well except for a few bozos who forget from year to year.


  1. I laughed when I read your previous post. We're just not used to this type of weather, but I get really annoyed at how the media here are starting to take over the American way of presenting the weather news to us, total exaggeration. Sure there are some problems and it is cold, but this is what countries north of us deal with each winter.
    That first video makes me wonder about the people who shot the video. If you know the road is that slippery, why not go out there to warn the people in the cars, instead of waiting with your camera for a potential accident.
    I am quite enjoying the snow. More snow is forecast for tonight! Hope you can find some joy in the wintery weather too!
    Regards from Holland, Josje

  2. Hi Josje....yes, the media does tend to exaggerate everything. That first video was sent to me by Sandra Morris of TowerHillDolls.
    I wondered about both videos; they may have been spoofs. What sane person jumps out of a moving car....even if it's going to crash. I'd be too busy jamming my foot on the brake or trying to steer to either side.
    I just hope no one takes offense. Both posts were meant to be tongue-in-cheek.


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