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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Had to go up to Midland on Monday to meet a lady who will probably be my driving buddy for the September workshop in Nova Scotia. I'm having a really great wasn't paying too much attention to the few cars sharing the road with me. I mean come on, how many people need to take hwy 93 at 2 in the afternoon.
Too late I saw the cop car pass me. In my rearview mirror, I see him do a Uie with his flashers on. Half an hour later, I end up with a ticket for doing 83 in a 50....

Ed comments: In Ontario it is OK to do 10km over a posted speed limit and on the 400 series of highways the norm is 20km over the posted limit.

Not one word spoken by the officer had any tonal inflection. His entire spiel sounded like it had been memorized by rote.
As far as I'm concerned it's all a game! During the rest of my trip there, I saw 3 more cop cars and 2 on the way back. Musta been quota time for Feb.
So yesterday, I get to Excoppers, a storefront shop run by ex-policemen who mediate in the courts on your behalf as they obviously know the system. I hold up my ticket & ask can they make the points go away; I explain that I got the ticket on a road that went from 70 to 50 to 70 in less than a km....and suddenly a voice comes from the office saying that he knows where I got the ticket. Sure enough he got it right. Takes one look at the officers name on the ticket & says, "oh I know him. He's so anal that when he goes home for lunch, he takes great delight in ticketing as many of his neighbors as he can." I tell about the officer's final remark (Keen was his name, wouldn't you know) how he'd hoped I'd have a great rest of the day and the gentleman from the office says that there really had been no need to rub it in.
Long story short: the ticket was 4 points & $240. Excoppers cost $315. They don't guarantee anything ....obviously.... but I've used them once before, maybe 10 yrs ago & they got some points reduced back fingers crossed. They pay the fine so any reductions means more money that they keep.
And yesterday evening as I was driving home from the market, a tire iron came flying out of the pickup truck in front of me and put a really good crack in the windshield. Good thing windshields are made of tempered glass or it would have gone right into the car.
And to make matters even worse. We'd had a big leak thru the kitchen ceiling while I was out. Our kitchen is on the other side of the house to the earlier leak. Fortunately it was while John, our builder was there and he immediately went up on the roof & cleaned out that ice dam. So now the roof dilemma is: what's causing the problem? We've had a fireplace tech come & he figures it's attic ventilation; John says it's the fireplace pipe.

I'd say the current motto for my life should be: "it never rains but it pours" but I'm afraid I'd jinx myself.


  1. oh Karin- how awful! Maybe you are getting it all over with now so that you can have a fabulous summer!


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