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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

random thoughts...

Personally I hate a book that leaves you hanging, wondering what happened next. So my apologies: that offending fireplace pipe is single layer; it is legal and no we will not be putting it thru our insurance. We'll bite the bullet. Just when I thought I could keep my house clean for a while longer and not have plaster dust coating every nook & cranny.... oh well.

Here's the thought of the day for you:
Once upon a time long long ago, in a real life kingdom, I was the social secretary for an over 40s singles club. The members had gotten together because in these hectic times it's sometimes difficult to find a social network to hang out with & fill those off hours when other non-singles are home with their families. Originally the idea was for someone to host a get-together...card party, theatre, hockey/super bowl party, etc on a weekly basis. In the early days it was great with lots of activities, then slowly the people who were most active found partners and dropped out of the club. By the time that I was elected social secretary, there were fewer & fewer people who would host an event or even just sign up for a gathering. There weren't even enough people who wanted to stay late after the meeting to chat at the local coffee shop. But boy, the complaints never let up:
Q:Why weren't we doing XYZ?
A: because not enough people signed up.

Q:Why isn't there someplace to go to on Sat?
A:because no-one wanted to go to the trouble to host it!

And so it went until I got fed up, had met Ken & quit. Shortly afterwards the club folded. Every so often I hear rumors about starting up another one....I still meet for dinner with a bunch of the club ladies.....but rumor is as far as it gets.

This past week I received an email from someone in a forum that I belong to, asking me to pleeese pop in more often. The same people are there to chat as when it first started. Every so often there's a new member but they disappear just as suddenly. Now don't get me wrong; they're a great bunch of people & I love to hang out with them. But for some of them it feels like there should be more, I guess.
They are for the most part happy to chat & that's it. I've put myself into their faces & suggested a swap. Stuff like that gets people excited...if for no other reason than to think about what they could be making. But then again maybe that's just me. It also brings in new members. Unfortunately in todays society we already have so much on our collective plates that it's sometimes hard to find the time or the energy that a swap brings with it.
We'll see where all this goes.

...and oh yes, the thought for the day:
You get out of life, what you put into it. No one's leaving alive so you may as well make it count.


  1. There is an official explanation of the group behavior. It is called entrophy. As in you can't fight mother nature.


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