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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just when we've got all the valleys on the roof cleaned out, it snowed! And snowed! And then it snowed some more!! While it may look very pretty, I'm not in the mood. Spring is what I'm waiting for!
So it was a double pleasure to find a Sunshine Award waiting for me at Deborah's Daily Dish. Deb and I belong to some of the same forums. She makes the most fabulous dragons ...and yes, I know Christmas is past, but her Christmas cookies are just so plain cute!!! Check them out at her etsy store.

Thanks so much Deb. You've made my day!!

The rules for this award are to pass it on to six bloggers. That's the hard part! OK let's see....
....maybe I need to do the same thing that Deb did: eeny meeny miney moe, here we go... I pick:
Cia of Briarwood Miniatures,
Cate from Solet Luna Studios and
Ara who writes about the Addams Family.
These ladies belong to the AllThingsMini Forum with me. Cia makes country style furniture that priced really reasonably....well worth a visit to her etsy store. Cate also has an etsy store filled with the most remarkable rugs and people. And Ara's store is filled with unique furniture worthy of more than just a browse.
Julie Old Crow definitely needs some sunshine. Seems she lives out in the wildest of the wilderness. You can read about it and her potato experiments at her northerncrowcountry blog.
Gotta give an award to Jody of Peach Blossom Hill if only for the nice comments she usually leaves me. If you go to her etsy store, you'll see the most amazing "thread" painting.
And one to Elly way out in snowy Amsterdam who's coping with a very sick kitty. She's is a very talented doll maker and needlepoint pillow maker whose blog is entitled EllyInAmsterdam. Sending positive thoughts to you, Elly.

Wow that was easier than I thought!


  1. thanks Karin for the award and for mentioning my store!! I hope the snow stays away! We just had the third snow this year here in Texas... and that's insane! hugs, ara

  2. Aw thank you Karin! I needed a bit of sun today! You're melting the slush away! :D

  3. Karin, this was very sweet of you. The sunshine certainly brightened up my day. We are due for another snow storm tonight/tomorrow, so I need all the sunshine I can get!


  4. Thank you Karin, kitty and me really need some sunshine . It is very sweet of you to think of us !


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