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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow... a damned 4 letter word that should be outlawed, and banned. I actually had this drafted 3 days ago!!

I'm almost caught up with all my blog readings and still seeing so many postings regarding all the snow that's been received this winter. Even while we were in Cuba watching CNN (one the 2 English TV channels that we got), it was all about the blizzard in Oklahoma. Several days ago another storm hit most of N America and on the weather channel, the Gulf Stream showed up down around the top of Texas. I never knew that Texas ever got snow!! Last month it was Europe that got dumped on. What's going on????
Is it really only because it's an El Nino year? Is it because of Global Warming?
I'm almost ashamed to admit that we only got a dusting of snow last week and for all of this year, we've had maybe 1/3 of our normal snowfall. Now don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled!! We own 2 snowblowers and at least one set of snowtires for each vehicle. We are prepared! But Ken's only used the blower twice....for all of this season!!!!
The groundhogs have predicted 6 more weeks of winter :-{ and even Sandra Morris of Towerhill Dolls over in England wrote about them and their predictions. I mean, come on. Groundhog Day is a N American tradition that admittedly started in Europe with Candlemas day and used hedgehogs for prognosticators. The world sure has gotten small when the UK knows about Wiarton Willie and Punxsutawney Phil...the 2 more famous groundhogs.
Our weathermen are forecasting 10 straight days of above zero weather for much for the "winter!" olympics:

We were among the 3 billion people who watched the opening ceremonies from their living rooms. Hopefully some of the people who believe the old adage that Canada is a land only of ice and snow will see how wrong they are.


  1. Karin, my paternal grandparents were Canadian who later became naturalized American citizens. (They were from the Halifax, NS area.) I've only been to Toronto so far, but hope someday to be able to visit much more of Canada. It's a beautiful place.


  2. Shoot, that should have read "naturalized US citizens." :P

  3. WOW is that beautiful!!!
    Lucky you.
    We were supposed to get snow today but so far...nuttin' honey
    Keeping fingers crossed here :)

  4. Cia...if you did get up our way, let me know & I'll introduce you to "Timmies" where most of us Ontarians hang out.

    Carol....look who's calling who lucky. I've never been to Paris, let alone 2 to 3 times a year!


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