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Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm baaaaack! the land of snow and ice. We arrived into Pearson airport at 11pm Saturday evening and were home by 4am Sunday having had to get to Stony Creek (1 hour each way) first where our car was. I drove most of the way as Ken'd taken a sleeping pill at the time we boarded the plane, so he could sleep during the ride & be fresh to drive home. Unfortunately the pill didn't kick in until we landed.
We came home to a spotlessly clean house where for the first time in my life I'd actually not hesitate to eat off my floors and to a freshly laundered bed. My best friend had agreed to housesit while we were gone and I can only say wow, how can I ever thank you, Heike!
I also came home to 500+ emails....which I've finally gotten thru! and close to 1,000!!! blog postings. So once I read most of the week's worth of postings, I'll start back into my March Beatrix Potter ATM swap and more foods.
I still need to make crackers for the cheeseboards as well as grapes. Not sure if I'll add pears. What do you think? Then they'll probably be put up for auction at MOA.
I've also got Angie Scarr's tutorial for pineapples. Looks really good! I can hardly wait to try them.
And I still need to look at my holiday snaps. So never fear LOL you will be getting the old proverbial "holiday slide travelogue" that everyone used to hate but always had to endure from their friends.
Baby Yuki has grown to twice the size that we left her a week ago. Luna appears to be suffering from an abandonment issue and even Kitkat appears a little kinder from his normal hissy fit self....but only with me. He's already bitten Ken twice.
It appears that we were left out of that winter storm that hit Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, etc. I was told we also missed the rain that turned our driveway into a skating rink. We must have used up an entire bag of cat litter before we could drive the pick up. We're supposed to have some milder weather towards mid week....certainly not the 22-25C that we had in Cuba.
Well better go. I have a ton of laundry and some suitcases to put away.

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  1. Hi, Karin! have been following for ages, love to start a blog but no time.Have followed your advise and if I make one, no prob to make six! Have just finished 2 Xmas room boxes in 2 months as opposed to 9 months for pub box!!You are missed on the forum! I miss you.!!


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