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Friday, February 5, 2010

I felt guilty this morning because while most of you are busy making minis for Valentines' Day, I've been lallygagging trying to catch up on blog reading and photo editing. So right after lunch I decided to make some strawberries dipped in chocolate as well as those grapes that I promised last month.
Fortunately or unfortunately....depending how you see it, I needed to get something from the spare bedroom first.....where I discovered a steady water drip coming from the same spot on the ceiling as the leak we had before having that expensive metal roof installed!! This time however the water managed to lift up most of the parquet so we'll need to install a new floor as well as patching plaster. The only good thing is our roofer who unlike a lot of contractors, actually finishes his work, doesn't ask for money in advance and stands behind anything he works on.
I only had time to mix my fimo colors for the grapes before John arrived; so hopefully I'll have a grape making post tomorrow. Long story short, it seems that a fireplace pipe caused an ice dam that backed up nearly to the top of the roof valley and water finally found its way inside. We're not sure if the offending pipe that runs thru the attic & out the roof isn't a single layer pipe...that's not legal! So much for living in an old house that's been renovated by non-professionals....a bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.
It could have been worse. All this could have happened while we were away.

Look at those roofs! No snow. No ice dams...and that pockmarked stone...An old building beautifully preserved:and who'd have thought that I'd find a Canadian bank building way down there. All I can say is: wish I were back there!


  1. I had a dream about water damage last night. I first spotted it in the hallway, then in the rest of the house. When I went to check outside, I saw a man in a digger on top of my roof. Don't ask, lol. Glad it was just a dream. I've often had leaks and water damage so I sympathize with you. Hope you'll be able to fix it soon at relatively little cost (insurance work?). Enjoy the grapes today.

  2. Beautiful buildings! I'm so glad you've posted them as it gives me a little tour since with three children and a part-time job, I don't get out much! My life is lived in about a 25 mile radius--usually shrunk to 10 miles throughout the week! LOL! I told a friend recently that I don't need a Garmin navigator as I know the way to the elementary school, work, the grocery store and the bank. and that's about the extent of my outings!



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