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Monday, August 9, 2010

Castle Roombox

Sire, Dame Dana, noble ladies....
I humbly beseech all who are gathered here today to harken to my tale. I ask forgivenness for my tardiness. I pray that it is not yet too late to attend the court.

I have journeyed from a far land, and have had to overcome many trials in order to lay before you all my sad saga. Even now it may not safe for me to do so. Many are the spies of King Philip le Belle of France.... who even as we speak persecutes the last of us ...yeah even unto Jacques de Molay, our leader. Our last hope, lay with Pope Clement at the Council of Vienne; but even this was denied! I add my own curses to that of Master Jacques' for I hid myself among the crowd that watched his burning and heard how he cursed the King and the Pope.

This was not the first time that I have had to fear imprisonment and the torture that it entails nor even death! But I swear before all that is holy, it will be the last time!
I was born in the Languedoc region in France where my father was the last of the Cathar priests, murdered for our religion. Simon de Montfort, cursed be his name, carries the blood of thousands of my people on his hands. Even after 35 years his blood thirst was not quenched! still! I have not time for your wailings and wringing of hands!
Where were you all when the false church fell upon us to prevent our leaders from exposing their falsehoods. Know you all that my bloodline and that of my people began with Mary Magdalene, the hidden bride of the Anointed One.
I grew up in poverty and in secrecy but I spent my time well learning much from the wise women of the forests. Then my brother joined the Poor Knights of Solomon's Temple ...they that are known to you as the Knights Templar, brave men all who willingly laid down their lives in combat with the godless Saracens so that all pilgrims might worship in Jerusalem. Cursed be Philip le Belle for taking away my brother and my last refuge!

I shall not tell you where my castle may be. You would never find it for it is hidden in the mists of time. Know ye that the wise women taught me well. I know many spells for good and for evil but the greatest of them was the one that hid my home. I am the last of my race. I have learned to master time. I wait!! But I am not alone for the great beasts of fire and sky keep me company.
I go now but you have only call my name and I shall return with more tales of my pitiful life.
I wait ....for I will be avenged!

signed this day in the year of our Lord
Amarus Beatrix Matilda
Grand Duchesse de Sainte-Claire

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