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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mildred Mahoney Dollhouse Museum

Here's most of the things that were up for auction. I doubt that anything remains of the museum. I'm not sure why the house couldn't have been sold and the museum items themselves donated to one of our larger museums so they could continued to be enjoyed.....

a peddlars stall
a room from the Woburn house
look at the lovely workmanship
the Kensington Kerr House c1809

The Tuesday House 1983 made of redwood and cedar
I took this photo so you can see how large these two actually are
Sea Captain's house
Nuremberg kitchen
shop roombox
Mystery house c1895

this house is entirely made from match sticks
the imperial palace of Hawaii
House of Ipswich

Folk Art House
this is a dental cabinet
Each of the bricks on the house facade are made on individual pieces of wood
Belvedere house c1850
This is not actually a dollshouse. It was built as an architect's model and was on display at the Philadelphia Exposition in 1876.
this general store contains more than 5000 items
Castle dining room
A clothes mangle ...I'm not aware of ever having seen a modern miniature mangle

bead and shell furniture
I hope you've enjoyed this last view from the Mildred Mahoney dollhouse museum. These were all items up for auction and will now be in private hands.


  1. ¡Gracias por este reportaje! Me ha encantado ver todas estas maravillas. He estado ampliando para ver detalles. Gracias de nuevo. Besos Clara

  2. Muchas gracias por todas las imagenes, son maravillosas.
    besitos ascension

  3. What a shame that they will no longer be on display for the public! A remarkable collection! Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Were you able to pick anything up for yourself?

    1. my dad got the tuesday house lol i have it in the corner of my room. im missing some parts but its huge

  4. Seems such a shame that a beautiful museum should be sold off! Why is it that only people who are miniaturist that care? and our community is huge but we are quiet to publicise our passion?

  5. I remember seeing photos of this collection in various book on dollhouses. Some really interesting items are in it. I love old hand crafted, one of a kind houses, there is a real spirit about them.

    Money is much easier to store than old dollhouses :-). It takes up no space at all in the world of electronic banking.

  6. !Que preciosidades!
    la casa bota es graciosima
    Un abrazo

  7. Hi the Red Brick House is The House I built, John Allen.


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