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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Castle Roombox

Hearken to me Noble Ladies and Gentlefolk....

Dame Dana bade me show you my talisman protection from the evil and the evil doers of this world. I must heed her bidding for to do else would show a discourtesy in return for all her kindnesses. For it was she who brought me to Camelot and Merlin's Lair.

I have kept it safely hidden these many years for it came by one of the wise women from across the shimmering lake. I have carried it with me wherever I journey. Look well and see how its eye follows you as you move about me. It has the power to look into your soul and see harm before it can touch me.
Look well and see the serpents tongue that can scent lies before they are born.

I will not show you the spells written large within! For those may only be looked upon when I am ready to use them. Heed me well, for herein lies the power to destroy my enemies.
Be not one of them!

~Amarus Beatrix Matilda~
Grand Duchesse de Sainte-Claire

My lady bids me tell you that her talisman is made of fimo, adorned with precious beads and a cats eye marble within.
~your humble servant,
Mistress Karin

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