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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In case... think I'm totally bonkers (aka nuts, crazy, etc in N America), I'll just add that the MSATDollList is having some role playing to do with Camelot & Merlin's Lair. Since I'm already doing a castle roombox next month, I thought I'd get involved & play along. Every week there are different things that're required; this week it was a talisman to ward off evil, a coat of arms and of course the story that your character must live out. Can't wait to see what else is coming. Apparently we have to decide whether our characters are good or evil & then we'll be paired up with an opposite partner.

I have been a member of this group for over a year now ...without completing a single doll! Frankly it scares me silly to attempt to take some pieces of porcelain (head, feet, arms), put them together to form a doll; then paint some realistic features onto the face, add hair ...and then hardest of all, clothe it! I have 10 left thumbs when it comes to sewing. My bottom drawer contains a number of porcelain dolls waiting to be put together, painted, wigged & clothed. I'm just afraid to tackle it!!

I know stupid, right! Let's just say that I've seen close up photos of dolls that were done by first timers and ones that were done by professionals. If I can't do it right, knowing me, I'll boot the poor little thing halfway across the lake in disgust.

Now on the other hand, here's my first attempt to put an image onto polymer clay:And don't look too closely, I forgot to print it as a mirror image. As you can imagine I'm not too happy with it! It hasn't been booted least not yet!

Those "white" bits are the remains of the paper that the image was printed on. I tried printing on parchment paper but couldn't get a vibrant image. If anyone out there has a sure fire method that they'd like to share, I'm all ears!! Otherwise I'll be spending some time googling and unless I can come up with a better way to get well saturated images to appear on clay, I'll be doing this project over again using "real" paper. LOL

As for the talisman I showed earlier, it was supposed to be real sized. I liked it so much I thought I'd make some more in 1:12. Now if only cats eye marbles came in smaller sizes....

Never satisfied, that's me. Don't you just hate perfectionists?


  1. Karin, I think the book came out wonderful for your first attempt. I really love the cat's eye one too. I am like you as far as being a perfectionist! I can pull my hair out if something doesn't come out perfect.....LOL.....we are our own worst enemies. Too critical. We can see what other's can't in our own work.

  2. The books are cute, you could make your own eyes, it is not so difficult just fiddly...


  3. 感謝大大的無私分享 讓小弟獲益良多 終於知道網上還有這麼多的好東西≧▽≦"


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