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Monday, August 9, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

I still think it's going to be an early winter. All of you may pooh pooh it but... Sorry!! I've been listening to the geese squawk early in the morning. And here's the proof.

On a happier note:Doesn't this look like a field of cotton?
I love taking photos of Orr Lake. Someday I'd like to turn them all into a coffeetable book as a present for Ken.

My castle workshop...
is coming up faster than I can get ready. I should have some WIPs finished soon to show you. Here's a little teaser...



  1. HI dear Karin, the little girl is sold. The listing finished yesterday. thank you for your visiting.
    Your second picture took my breath way.... smiles, Pat

  2. Love the feet sooooo intriguing

  3. Orr Lake looks absolutely beautiful!!
    We used to live near a lake where Canada geese congregated in their thousands, we used to love seeing them doing practice runs in larger and larger flocks until they just all disappeared on their migration one day. Then the silence was so overpowering.

    Will be watching for the feet to strut their stuff :))


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