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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Porcelain Doll Assembly

Here's some tips in case you're wanting to do this:

Finger tip to finger tip should equal the distance, less than 1/8", of the height of the doll
Make sure that thumbs and big toes face each other. The easiest way is to hold the doll facing away from you.
Once you're all set, use hot glue to hold the pipe cleaners in place. You could also use regular glue as long as you have the time to wait for it to harden.
Keep a wet cloth nearby to wipe your fingers on.

The instructions say to use quilting batting to fill out the limbs. Of course, I don't have any so I raided the first aid kit.

Now to achieve a realistic pose ...nothing worse than a beautifully dressed doll standing stiff and looking like a mannequin.
You can add clay to your porcelain doll and rebake.
The best way to sculpt is at eye level. I use a turn table sitting on a footed cake stand that way I can turn it easily. When you're claying with warm hands, less handling means less smudging.
It doesn't have to be anatomically correct. As you can tell, his groin is too low. But since my guy will be wearing a robe it doesn't matter. All I'm trying to do is keep the doll holding his pose. The stand that I made for him is removable.

Now comes the hardest part ...costuming!

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  1. Karin- he looks fab so far! What a great pose too! Thank you for the tips- I threw out my very first doll attempt in disgust, but I'm thinking a second try is in order soon! Thank you for always posting tutorials on your other blog too- I use it all the time and I really appreciate the effort you take to include them on that blog :)


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