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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Babys Photo Album & Keepsake Roombox

Take one finding, bought from the local Goodwill aka Charity Shop:

add one Michaels hutch that you turn into a hanging shelf & a change table:

...the ledge along the tabletop is made of craft sticks.
Of course, you know the story about the baby products that I needed for this:
....and the end result, is this:

On the hanging shelf, the A, B, C were buttons with the backs shaved off (colored with nail polish); the car came off a pencil top, Pooh was on a hanger, the gardening bunny once hung from an Easter tree and the baby's book came from my initial job lot of dollshouse furniture:
on top of the change table, from left to right:
a blanket with a rattle (a button) on top, a romper, my finally finished! basket containing a towel (same fabric as the romper), 2 diaper pins, 2 baby bottles (all 4 are party favors) and a ducky (another button)
last but not least, the most important item: the diaper bag, with yet another bottle. I made the bag in pink and blue as I don't know the baby's gender.

Now on to the next, a birthday party vignette. But first I have to empty 1 yard of mulch from our truck box before Friday when I'll need it for an auction.


  1. Fantastic! It's so adorable. :-) I just love the basket and the shelf. You did a great job. :-)

  2. That turned out really well Karin. It does make a difference with the printies being so crisp. What is best - a higher or lower dpi? And how do you regulate that?

  3. This turned out really adorable!

  4. I loved how you repurposed some items for this project--like the ABC buttons. And splitting that Michael's hutch in 2 is a very clever trick!

  5. What a cute is lovely.

  6. Wonderful and good idea, I have this piece of Michaels!


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