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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've had the Fergus Mini Show marked on my calendar for some time now. I like these shows as they allow me to see what other people are doing....rather than just looking at photos on the net and they're an opportunity to find supplies without having to pay the dreaded shipping & handling fees.
As the weather was cool-ish & overcast & it seemed likely that showers might also be imminent, Ken agreed to come with me. We took Luna as well since she'd already spent all of yesterday pining for her absent mummy.
Fergus is a one-way distance of 135km from us, so we planned this as a day-trip. We started with a breakfast brunch at Luna's favorite take-out "restaurant": Timmies!
Let me pause here & explain that to most of the driving population of Ontario, Tim Horton's....or Timmies, as it's commonly referred to, is an almost national institution that we can no longer do without.
Because so many people in this province commute long distances to & from work, a lot of food is eaten or drank in the car while driving. You only have to look into the car one lane over to see someone holding a coffee in one hand while driving with the other. We all drink & drive!
The Tim Hortons franchise is possibly the leading Canadian fast food drive-thru restaurant known for its coffee & speedily being replaced with the supposedly healthier muffin. They serve breakfast as well as simple lunches and soups, all geared to mobile consumption but at the same time they also serve as a local hangout for friends to sit & chat. Few towns are too small to have at least one Timmies & generally you don't have to go too many city blocks before you find the next one.
The first shop was opened in 1964 by Tim Horton the hockey player. Since then they've grown so much that they have twice as many outlets as McDonald's, account for almost a quarter of all our fast food revenues, 3/4 of the Canadian market for baked foods and 2/3 of our coffee market.
......and as I mentioned, they are Luna's favorite since she invariably gets a Timbit (donut hole) served with our coffee.
We traded the 6 lane highway as soon as possible for more scenic roads. Everywhere the grass was bright green & lush. In every field containing a water puddle, sizable or not, there were geese & ducks paddling around. Buds on the trees were ready to burst into leaf. A drive such as this is a great time for quiet conversations, reflections on the passing countryside and in our case, comments on roofs...their condition or lack of it, the color, if metal etc. It was a lovely drive.
We finally arrived at our destination. Walked into the building and........... about feeling stupid! The Fergus Mini Show is scheduled for May 3rd! May third is on Sunday! Amazing how easy it is for retired people to lose track of the calendar.
But the day wasn't a loss. We stopped at some antique shops. We found a store that rented landscape harrow rakes that Ken'd been looking for. We had a fun day.
And as for the Mini Show.....well, the next is in Aurora which is a lot closer to drive to.

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  1. I know the Tim Horton's too, we often stopped for coffee there last year, I like the chocolat muffin and the triple chocolat cookies, Hmmmm. They had internet so we can mail to home.
    Sorry you went all that distance for nothing, but it seems you had a nice day after all!
    * marlies


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