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Sunday, May 24, 2009

this N that (2).....

I just love the way this mini community comes together with help when one of us needs it!

I was having problems getting non-fuzzy printies.... Tarapiglet of Poohs' Dollhouse fame sent me a forum thread in which she gives some great advice on resizing images. She's also the lady from whom I received the most magnificent! tiny suitcase labels.....sent all the way from Hawaii. Took an eternity to arrive and for the last while, I've worried that my labels might have gotten lost in the mail. I won't show them just yet. I want you to have the full effect when you see them on a suitcase.

Tara, I have a poohbear site for you to visit. Make sure you've got a google or babelfish translator as this one's in Dutch. for the rest of you, take a look at Taras' site. She's making Pooh Bear his own house, very professionally, I might add. And if you're interested in learning how to make printies, read up on her great advice!

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  1. Oh that's for me, that link. I love to spend hours going through links. I have several tabs open at one time all the time.
    Now is that Dutch? I'm getting a so so translation with google. I'll find out.


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