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Monday, May 18, 2009


I was trying to make up for not posting in so long; had a big long post that took me most of the morning to compose. I was almost ready to publish.....when bam! half my stuff disappeared! Then while I was trying to get it back, the rest of it disappeared!
If that's ever happened to you, would you email & tell me how to get things back. Maybe it's going to be a full moon tonite, and the gremlins are out early.


  1. Something is up with Blogger, same thing happened to Katie at Katie's Clay Corner. I've had it happen and now I type/save my posts in Word first :)

    Wish I had the answer about getting it all back, sorry.

  2. I save the draft copy several times when I am working on a post. That way if something does happen, you usually can get the draft back to the point that you last saved it.


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