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Friday, May 22, 2009


We've just heard from the tax accountant....Ken is getting a huge! refund & I don't have to pay!!!

...just thought I'd share.

I've also finished 2 days for printie making:
I raided my daughter-in-laws blue box.....are all recycle bins blue, world-wide?.....made sure to photograph them in the early morning when the light is best; kept the picture resolution at 266pixels/inch (sorry the photo color is off; I must see if we have some non-yellow lightbulbs for next time); cut, pasted, enhanced the brightness & the contrast, rotated if needed, etc, etc. Save them as jpegs. But for the longest time, I couldn't adjust my print size properly.
I kept using:

12 people inches = 1 mini inch

9 " " = 3/4 " "
6 " " = 1/2 " "
3 " " = 1/4 " " and then I came up with:
1 " " = 3/8 " "

DUH!! OK so now I know to divide by .083 not .375! Don't ask me how I came up with 3/8. Must have been one of those brain dead moments.

Anyway, all fixed. Print quality is 4800dpi (dots per inch). I used glossy photo paper.....not matte paper as someone once suggested. I am really pleased!

Do any of you need grocery store items or nursery room products? I'd be happy to trade as many as you need & in the variety you want for a clear pitcher (suitable for lemonade), 2 clear tall glasses (suitable for lemonade), baking utensils such as muffin pans, loaf pans, wooden spoons, jars suitable for jam (either labelled or empty), bread cutting board, or any type of garden tool. Basically, I'm looking for anything that I can use at a lemonade stand, garden shed, or kitchen prep vignette. You'd be getting the images not yet folded but already printed on photo paper.

Now on to bib & romper making......I flunked Home Ec in grade school....maybe I've improved since then.

Oh and P.S.: I half finished my basket....keep getting sidetracked.

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  1. Those look great!!! Did my advice help at all or...?? I wonder if ppl get confused with those directions.


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