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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

solving the worlds problems.....

I've had an email this morning that I thought I'd pass along, dealing with our current economic crisis:

Last week in a small town on the South Coast, holiday season should have been building - but it was raining so the expected business was just not happening. Everyone in business locally was in debt.
Luckily, a rich tourist arrived in the foyer of the small local hotel. He asked for a room and placed a $100 note on the reception counter - by way of a deposit, took the key and went to inspect the room located up the stairs on the third floor.
The hotel owner immediately took the banknote and rushed to his meat supplier to whom he owed $100.
Quick as a flash, the butcher took the money and raced to his supplier to pay his debt down by $100.
The wholesaler ran to the farmer to pay $100 for pigs he had purchased some time ago.
The farmer triumphantly gave the $100 note to a local prostitute who had given him her services on credit and who was becoming too obvious in her attempts to collect.
The prostitute immediately went to the hotel, as she owed the hotel for her hourly room used to entertain clients.
At that same moment, the rich tourist returned to reception and informed the
hotel owner that the proposed room was unsatisfactory and took his $100 back.
There was no profit or income however everyone had eliminated their debt and the small townspeople now look optimistically towards their future.

But wait a minute.....isn't that how the entire global mess got started anyway?

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