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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I challenge you........

Here's a quote from Katie of Katie's Clay Corner:
"I challenge you to write a blog about the jobs you've had in your life. *Just make sure and leave me a comment telling me you did, so I can come read it....or you can do a short version in my comments section...... Either way, I'm just curious to see what everyone does or has done..... Just another way for us to get to know each other."

So Katie, here's my list:
I went straight from high school to being a file clerk for a trucking company, where I met my first husband.
Then during my married life, I worked in a Sara Lee factory, in a chicken hatchery and as a retail clerk. Also did a stint as a donut store manager.
When my husband died, I cleaned houses....couldn't find any other work... until I decided that my back wasn't up to it. So I went back to school and spent 3 years learning to be an mechanical engineering technologist by day and a mom to an eight and a five year old by night. Never did finish the last semester as I met husband #2 and we started a house building/renovation company and I spent 6 years learning to be a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none builder.
Marriage #2 flopped and I fell back onto my schooling & spent 12 years with the same company first as a CAD draftsman and then as a how-to manual writer.
Got laid off, met Ken and worked a few years as a technical help, telephone assistant for Comcast, and then Nextel.
Gave that up to retire and sell antiques on the side.
......and if the economy doesn't soon improve, I'll soon be only retired.

So now, tag you're it.
Oh, and if you take up the challenge, leave me a comment too pls.


  1. I took up the challenge too.

  2. Thanks for sharing....Maybe your jack of all trades job has carried over to minis?? I betcha you can build anything!

  3. Looks like we share way more in common than first names and a love of miniatures. I also have done professional Jack of all trades house building, CAD drafting, mechanical engineering assistant. I almost hired on as a manual writer a few years ago and I do technical help. Downright spooky!

  4. I took up the challenge as well. Sort of.

  5. I never dreamed that this challenge would be so interesting. I loved reading about everyone's "career" choices....even if they were thrust upon you. And Karin you're right, that is downright spooky!!


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