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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Art Nouveau Teapots

I've been touting CDHM as often as I can for their fantastic tutorials. There's a different one every Saturday. From boiled lobsters to paper towel holders. My ladder back chairs came from one of their tutorials as did my apples & pears.
On one of the forums that I belong to, we were discussing CDHM and how you're able to take the Saturday tutorial in your own time...really, they're that easy that you can stay after school and play catch up!
I happened to use as my example, a teapot tutorial that Ernesto Baldini taught on April 11th. The teapots looked kind of cute. So without further ado, here's how I spent my rainy afternoon:

These are my version of Ernesto's anthurium and cauliflower teapots. The mug is my own idea.....afterall what self respecting doll wouldn't want a matching mug to drink out of.
They were really easy to do. But in hind sight, if I made them again I do some interim baking & I'd make the cauliflower smaller (I followed size instructions) and the leaves less prominent.

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