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Friday, August 14, 2009

Balcony Vignette

Well it's been almost a week since I finished the suitcase. It sits prominently displayed in my living room. As I pass, I most times take a look and am still not finding I usually would with anything that I make. So that must mean I "did good".
My daughter-in-law's birthday isn't until the end of the month and I get to keep it til then. I already have a long list of things that I want to do next:

1. I need a birthday present for my daughter in Dec;
2. For my mothers Christmas present, I want to vignette her balcony (at the new condo) filled with lots of plants;
3. I'd like to make a Christmas stall. A very kind friend sent me the plans for building one. This would also entail making lots of xmas decorations, etc.
4. I just got an old bread box & hope to roombox it into an old fashioned kitchen with lots of baking/preserving going on (somewhat like on pg40 of the current Dollshouse World)
5. I have a baby face mold & want to learn to sculpt babies, children & fairies. I have an idea for a small exhausted fairy, asleep in a lantern after having tried all night to escape (sort of like a moth)
5. I want to start making clay food. The mailman just brought Angie Scarr's newest book. (Had a look. I'd better start with something simpler....a great book nevertheless)
6. There's a charity auction for Emmanuals Wish Foundation coming up that Ken supports. They raise funds for an African hospital that takes in babies & evenually adopts them out if there's no parents & I was thinking about making a vignette (a baby on a bed, maybe) to donate.
7. Last but not least, I need another vignette to sell....seeing that the economy has wiped out the sale of antiques.

As a person with ADH, I have problems falling asleep, and staying asleep. Someone recently suggested that I try melatonin, an all natural substance. It works!! ...but it takes a 1/2hr. So every night I have up to 1/2 an hour where I lay with my eyes closed & think. It's a great time to conceptualize projects. I mean, we all lead such busy lives these days, who has time for 'quiet time' anymore.
The weather has been so great's finally summer! So I don't want to work with clay. The last few nights I've thought about the balcony vignette for mom. I think I have it figured out. All I really need now is what to display it in. I've also been busy collecting links for flower making and will have a long list for all of you to peruse on my links blog. Stay tuned....

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  1. For the balcony scene - have you thought of doing it in a window box? You would need to cut the front out but it might work.


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