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Friday, August 7, 2009

Travel Roombox in a Suitcase cont'd......

in the corner: a cosy chair. A dog close by on the carpet. By the looks of the magazines left behind, it seems to have just been vacated. Take a look at the reading material.....hmmm: a brochure on Mexico & one about Canadian rail travel laying on the carpet; vacation real estate, car rentals and maps on the chair.
The poster on the wall behind the chair is an inspirational one; so common in N. America. It reads Destiny: its the choices you make, not the chances you take, that determine your destiny.

P.S.: as you know this roombox will be for my daughter-in-law. They do have a dachshund named Jake in real life and the picture in the Destiny poster is of The Arches at Los Cabos Baja Mexico, where the 4 of us spent our vacation in Feb.

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  1. It is looking fab.

    I love the style you are suing for the write ups :-)


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