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Friday, August 28, 2009

More Good News...

....Hooray for People Power
We have a one year moratorium on Dumpsite 41!! This is the landfill site that was to be built over one of the purest water aquifers in the world with only a liner guaranteed for 2 years, between our drinking water and piles of garbage above!
Tuesday saw the council meeting with estimates for attendance at about 500. So many in fact that some had to wait outside. If you know anything about Canadian local politics, you'd know that most people don't even know who their ward councillor is or even which ward they live in.
So we have our moratorium; there is to be another vote next month on whether to stop it altogether....the motion was voted down this time. The city of Barrie (150,000+ population) wants it stopped. Major newspapers for Toronto (2 million pop) have joined the bandwagon to make people aware that this is not a NIMBY issue and that altho they are located 100+ km away, they too will be affected.
Now I'm hearing rumors/possibility of council selling this property, and its MOE(ministry of the environment) certificate, to private interests who would operate the dump. Can you imagine the public opposition to that. It would be overwhelming! Are politicians really that stupid?? No don't answer! We all know what the correct response would be.
If the moritorium holds, the next council will be faced with this issue. Elections will be held in Nov 2010. I can't imagine any local politician in favor of the dump being elected altho our mayor made a boldfaced 180 degree turnaround from his election platform.
According to Simcoe County, $10.3 million of our taxpayer dollars have been spent in land purchase, consulting fees, site development costs and legal fees.
Our tax dollars at work, folks!


  1. Here in Upstate SC, we have near us at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a rare wildflower found only in seven counties that converge around the NC/SC/Georgia state lines, the Oconee Bell. It's a delicate white, low-growing flower that thrives in humusy soil in the woodlands. But years ago, Duke Power and state of SC flooded part of its fragile habitat for a water reservoir now known as Lake Jocassee. I guess you can't stop 'progress'.
    But glad there is a moratorium on it for now!


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