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Monday, June 21, 2010

Re country living:
At 5 pm, having waited since 8 am, I called a different plumber who came within 20 minutes, told me the seal had gone on the pump. He advised that a new pump was too costly & unnecessary; he'd be back first thing tomorrow morning to disconnect the pump & take it away to be fixed. need to worry about your well. It's usually the little things that break down.

I made it to my steak dinner on time ...barely. They truly are the best restaurant around!

By 9, I was back home for a lovely refreshing bath in the lake. After today's heat, the water temperature was perfect.

So all's well again in my world!


  1. Karin- I am glad your well problem is fixable- I was so nervous for you! That is getting bad- when am nervous about someone else's well! My hubby says the same thing- it's usually not the well, but the equipment to get that water into the house. A bath in the lake sounds like pure heaven to me- hope you have a wonderful day today!!♥

  2. Espero que todos sus problemas se vallan solucionando con prontitud, y a su gusto.
    un abrazo

    I wait that all his(its,her) problems vallan solving with readiness, and to his(its) taste.
    An embrace


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