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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coulda, Shoulda...

I took a quick peek at some of the other entries for the SpringFling contest. There sure are some talented people out there. I saw a pottery shed, a number of beach houses including one that could have come straight from Malibu. I only looked quickly in case I got too depressed. Not too many used the garage kit as a straightforward garage. But I did see one that was a vintage livery, wired up with coach lights too. That one should win...really well done!
You can check it out here: Greenleaf forum
I guess I should have built in a more toned down version rather than going with the bold look. Only that's not me...

Today is really overcast. We've had rain for two days now and today, I think, will be no exception. ...a good day for making fimo fish and weaving creel baskets.


  1. Looked at them, you have as much chance as anyone,have faith girl (lass, :)) ,northern expression!!) Good Luck. If you don't get a mention it would be a travesty,

  2. I can't see why yours is not going to stand a chance.......... As much as a few more that I have seen. It's not bold, it's sort of natural and very much alive! I like it.

  3. thanks're certainly an ego booster!
    hugs Karin


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