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Saturday, June 5, 2010

SpringFling Garage....interior

Well my month is rapidly passing by... it's filled with lots of barbecue parties and visits. So there's no time to lose getting the insides finished. As you can see, I'll be starting from scratch. There's nothing inside. If I'd had a plan of what this was to be, I would have glued the buildings directly onto the foamcore foundation. As it is, I'll have a lot of finishing to do to make it look presentable
In the house, the curtains and the rod are removable. I'd like to have the interior match the rough and aged exterior; after several days of worrying about it, I've come up with an idea: peeling wallpaper with the boards (or plaster and lathe) showing through and cracked plaster!
But there's no way I am going to stick my head inside and still be able to do a good job; I therefore have 2 choices: air drying clay rolled out paper thin, or I can go with pasting paper towels/toilet paper directly onto the walls; it's a great technique ...very realistic looking when you want to display old plaster.

As for interior accessories, I thought: fishing net, lobster trap, old fashioned life jacket, creel basket, bobbers, ...and of course, fish & a table to display them on!
Don't think I haven't been busy so far. My fimo fish've just finished baking.
Since they're supposed to be rainbow trout, they still need speckles and eyes dotted on and a newspaper underneath them to catch the mess.
I've also made the lid for a creel basket but made the opening the wrong way around so I need to do it over again.
No idle hands here to become the devils tools....


  1. Karin ¡Que blog mas bonito tienes!! Es un gusto encontrarlo ( =

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  4. Oh, I love the fish! I know it will be wonderful when you get it all finished and accessorized with goodies. I'm finally doing my blog giveaway so I hope you will pop over and enter if you can use anything in your projects!


  5. Los peces son fantasticos, muy reales.
    besitos ascension

  6. This is so exciting to see your progress on this, I know it is going to be great!Waiting to see more!


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