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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Look who arrived at my doorstep today.
First came Little Noel, the Christmas mouse:
I have long been a fan of Robin Joy Andreae. Although her needlefelted animals are larger than 1:12, I think next year, Noel will be pulling the Christmas sleigh into fairyland. Robin is currently showing a new little mouse on her blog. Thank you for Noel, Robin. She looks even better live than she did in photos.

At the same time, Haggatha arrived in a puff of smoke, holding out her poisoned apple.With her came her familiars: a raven perched on her shoulder, her grey rat prowling the cooking pot and her wooden staff.Haggatha is a Christel Hutson creation. She's not a pretty creature with a wart on her nose and a number of teeth missing; she even has a greenish tinge to her skin. Haggatha is destined for a particular witch's emporium that I've been thinking of for more than a year.Again, if you'd like to see more of Christel's wee faes and other not so gentle folk, have a one of Christel's blog. I also have one of Christel's impish faes.


  1. Hi Karin! I Love little Noel, she is darling! I'm glad to see Haggatha arrived safe and all her goolish glory! I didn't realize you had a blog..silly me! Thanks so much for the nod to A Far Place, I appreciate your support. Now, I need to browse your blog more, and see what treasures I can find! Have a great week, and thank you so much again. xoxox FaeWee Blesssings, Christel

  2. Oooooh, lucky you Karin! I LOVE both Robin's and Christel's creations so much. Christel's little FaeWees are adorable and Robin's needle felted animals are incredibly cute and the best I've seen. You have good taste Karin! :)

  3. your christmas mouse is sooo cute ! lucky you !


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