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Friday, November 12, 2010

Starting My Sales Items

The design for the market stall is really quite ingenious. The roof, front counter and front wall can be glued on after the back shelves are filled. I'm just finishing off the siding so I thought I'd start on the items that I'll have for sale at this stall:
Isn't this an incredible size! I'm in awe of people who regularly work in this scale. BTW the gentleman that I bought this kit from, sells as small as 1:1000!

This is supposed to become a 3 story Tudor dollhouse. It's 1:144!! By the time I have all the shelves filled I may have to ask for new eyes from Santa...


  1. That is just amazing - sooooo tiny! I'm really looking forward to seeing your Market Stall progress and what a fab little item to have there.

  2. WOW, teeny weeny, my eyes wouldn't cope with that.


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