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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Won!

Remember about a month ago, I won some witchy/wizard books from Cate & David of Solet Luna? Here's the photo that I had posted at the time:

When Cate asked me later to ask if I had received a fourth book, I had to say no; didn't see anything else. Well, today I happened to pull out one of our seldom used kitchen chairs. Guess what I found..... Encyclopedia of Toadstools.

And at about the same time Pearl the Dollhouse Diva had a drawing for some books for one lucky person who commented. Guess what... I won that one too!

Wow, dust covers and everything! Thank you Pearl!
How'd she know I like history? I'll probably be up all night reading....

.....or should I learn to cast spells? I already know how to make books disappear & reappear. Decisions, decisions!


  1. Lucky you! Wonderful books!


  2. Oh Karin! I'm glad it was hiding on your kitchen chair and not in the pile on my desk! :D I'm so glad it has reappeared! Congrats on your other win too! You must be meant to start a mini book collection!


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