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Thursday, April 1, 2010

City-o-Clay Swap

Here's an email I received today. I don't think I could have received more encouraging words:

Hey Karin ...
I am so very delighted with your little "Tailor of Gloucester" mouse mini! It is absolutely amazing and I love the cute face so much!
You have done an exceptionally fine job making your mini work of art. I can't believe the attention you paid to all the details and how nicely made your piece is. You do quality professional work honey, and I am so honored to have a piece that you have made.
Thank you so much for such a delightful little critter that makes me want to smile every time I see it!

big hugs,

Luny and I both belong to City-o-Clay and participated in a mini animal swap:
The one on the right is my prototype and sitting on a real size spool of thread. The ones I made for the swap is like the little guy on the left.
.....and the ones I made for the ATM Beatrix Potter swap are this size (with my prototype for comparison){sorry about the color}:
Where other people may have bats in their belfry, you might say I have mice on the brain......I'll bet you thought mice guys finish last LOL (pun courtesy of Ken)
All three teapots available in my etsy store.


  1. I am so happy that I am the lucky owner of one of these- I agree with Luny- it is incredible and so much more exquisite in real life than the pictures can show! I can't decide where I am going to place mine- right now I have it on the top of my dollhouse so I can see it every day :) I especially love his little tail!

  2. I love them! Well deserved praise for fabulous work!


  3. I opened your present from the Easter swap! Thank you so much Karin. :) I love my new Easter miniatures. You can see a picture of the basket in its new home on my blog, it fits in perfectly. And the egg makes me smile and makes me happy!
    I hope you had a nice Easter!


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