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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SpringFling Garage....Day 3

With the lovely spring weather I like to work outside. I can be as messy as I want which is a good thing since weathering wood can be extremely messy. least the way I do it!
All you need is a mixture of india ink and rubbing alcohol. Since I'd never tried this before, I wasn't sure what the proportions should be. The first coat seemed slightly purple-y & I wondered if maybe I'd gotten the wrong type of ink.
I tried mixing tempera and water but that didn't seem to mix well so I dumped that out & used black acrylic paint with water. Here's what it looked like:
Not bad but too light I thought. I never could wait! So I gave it a second coat of wash. And then for good measure I dabbed on the remains of my wash where I thought the wood might have weathered more than in other spots.
Then I thought OMG, I've ruined it. It's too dark! But once it dried properly, it seemed OK:

Certainly much better than the porch floor boards. They don't look realistic at all. What do you think?
I'll still have to daub on some hints of brown & green but I'll leave that until after my workshop this weekend. One and a half days of learning faux painting techniques. I am so looking forward to it!! Maybe I can even learn to do paint with "subtlety". LOL

In case you're interested in what else have been keeping me busy....
This was before:
This is after:
I didn't paint this one; just repaired it. But I have two more Muskoka chairs waiting for me in the garage....still in the box; not even primed. And I know exactly what type of scene to paint on them!


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