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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Swap Update

If you thought my prezzie from Minilisa was outstanding, you should see all the other swap items. My thanks to Caterina not only for organizing it but also for the lovely swap award that she gave to each of us. I definitely want to be in on her next one later this summer.
BTW: here's what I sent to Maia:

Got my truck load of wood chips all down; they were only enough to do 1/2 my path. So I guess I'll have to get some more from the local lumber yard.
We've righted the tent gazebo although the connection on one leg is broken. And... it's just in time for the next wind storm. Haven't heard any more warnings but it's really breezy and there're plenty of white caps on the lake. For a small lake like ours, that's ominous!


  1. Karin, too cute!

    Is that a blue peanunt M&M?

  2. shhhhh! Of course not! I'd never violate copyright laws....

  3. Ah... but, we recreate in miniature, real life things... you can use inspired by the M&M's. You're not recreating them life size...

    I can give you a back story if you want to contact me. :)

  4. Cute Easter goodies. Hope the storm isn't bad! We are in tornado season here but it was sunny and 91 this afternoon!


  5. so cute! I love your little basket too-did you use raffia? The picture of your lake and path is so gorgeous ♥

  6. I have received many nice comments on my blog about the present you sent me. :) And I'm admiring the basket in my scene! I put the other mini next to a bowl of Easter M&M's. :)


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