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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's Global Warming gone.....

My friend, Heike, wrote me from Germany where she's been for almost 6 weeks, looking after her mom. She's hoping to come home to some warm spring weather. I had bragged to her about our 30C temperatures for the Easter weekend.
Well this is a photo of me yesterdaywearing a fur hat (that kept falling down over my eyes), two sweaters as well as a winter coat and gloves. Ken wanted to finish off the privacy fence that we're putting around our porch.
We spent 5 hours outside. When we came in (with it still not quite finished), it took most of the evening to thaw out. The wind gusts coming off the lake were so fierce and so cold! At one point I thought I saw snow flakes.
Originally I thought our cold weather was only due to our proximity to the lake but apparently Alberta, to the east of us, is in the midst of, what's being called "a long lived strom" that's dumping them with 30cm of heavy wet snow. And to the southeast of us, the New England states are getting hit with 60cm of snow.
Today with the wind seemingly just as fierce, I'm playing it smart & staying indoors! There's not much left to do anyway
Looking at the yellow trout lilies just opening up and the red trilliums in my garden

is making me think we're really fortunate. I'm not seeing snow .....yet!

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  1. Your cold weather in the North is the opposite of our autumn Downunder, it's still warm where I live. Strange weather altogether!


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