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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I believe I've neglected to show you what I received from my two latest swaps:

ATM swap had a Beatrix Potter theme while the City-o-Clay's theme was mini animals.
from Luny: a begging puppy
from Julia: a sleeping kitty
from Ellie: a dragon for me to train

from Tara: printed fabric
from Laura: a toy box with a lid that opens to go along with the cradle that she made for an earlier swap
from Cia: a sign and a beehive for the garden
from Alex: a cake
from Kim: some furniture and a toy for the nurseryKim was so worried that the things she made weren't good enough that she added a little Beatrix Potter book that she had bought. I believe it was Kim's first swap and far from worrying, she should be proud of the items she made...the seat covers are hand stitched and it looks like the base that the toy sits on might have been a lego at one time. How creative is that!

This is what I made for both swaps...slightly larger for City-o-Clay than for ATM

I really enjoy swaps. They allow me to try something new that I wouldn't have otherwise ....that and fun is what they're are all about.
Thanks everyone!


  1. What wonderful things!
    My first time at your blog so I've been reading back a bit. Am going to follow.

  2. Enhorabuena por todos los intercambios, son una preciosidad de regalitos!!!!!
    besitos ascension


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