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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ken & I went to a free seminar last night where a large company based out of the mid-western United States, tries to get you to pay for an all day workshop to learn the ins & outs of e-commerce. Then, when you go to that workshop, they work really hard to get you to part with more money on a monthly basis for their internet hosting and customer support.
"Just for tonight we have a reduced price...but you gotta sign up now and give us your money immediately!"
One of the examples they showed was a couple....and of course, none of the people in the examples are ever more than barely computer literate... who are now selling map books. The wife had been working three jobs before signing. Then the speaker showed us how many visitors their website gets a month. You notice I wrote "visitors" not sales! They never actually come right out and tell you that the wife has now quit her 3 jobs; that the couple is now rich beyond their wildest dreams. Ken seems to recall it mentioned that the wife now supports the household....they just didn't say how. Why would people want to buy a map book online & pay shipping when you can get it from the corner variety store or your local gas station? Why aren't they using a GPS, mapquest or google maps to get directions?
I went to one of these seminars many years ago with not a clue of what I wanted to sell. Those guys hype you up so much it's like a chemical high. I parted with many thousands of dollars before I admitted defeat.
If you ever receive an invitation to this type of seminar, by all means go; the paid workshop is immensely educational and you'll learn all about optimization and reverse search engines and how to get to page 1 on the search engines etc.
Just be warned that it's much harder work than these guys let on and the success stories are few and far between. As for Ken & me, we got a nice "little" supper with cookies for dessert but no coffee and two MP3 players as parting gifts.


  1. Well it sounds like you made the most of your seminar, enjoying your supper and your MP3 players and even learning a little besides. Good job!


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