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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Addendum....

...just a big thank you to Annalisa aka Minilisa for her delightful Easter prezzie! Looks like some little (dh) person got into my Easter egg & found a surprise hidden there.
What a perfect present! Thank you soooOo much!!

I spent the weekend with my mom & my grandkids, shopping for birthday clothes for my youngest. Couldn't believe how packed the stores were! The line ups at Wal-Mart were almost as long as the ones for the ferry ride to Toronto's Center Island....a 3 hour wait!
My friend Connie who was selling at the Spring OOAK show told me that most dealers reported low sales & some even said it was the worse show in 20 yrs. Guess it's not only the economy but also our unseasonably warm weather.
We broke the records for warmth 2 days running: Friday the high was 25C and on Saturday it was above 30C....that's more than 86Fahrenheit! The forecasters are calling for rain & colder weather for this week but even the 9C that's predicted will be above the norm for this time of year.
Came home late last night to discover that a wind storm had taken out our tent gazebo that was staked to the ground...lifted it up & flipped it over; knocked over a heavy concrete planter....not a mark on it but it cracked the patio stone in three when it came down; blew all the evergreen boughs & the rest of the ornaments out of my plastic(!) urn...but left the urn standing; didn't touch my 3 plants that I had sheltering underneath the tent gazebo or the tables they were sitting on! Environment Canada had issued a warning that we could expect winds starting out around 50 km/h then strengthening to 90 km/h gusts all within one to two hours. I guess they came our way!
I have a truck load of wood chips coming any minute so I can renew the path running through my woodland garden. I also discovered my first dandelion of the year. So, gotta run & spend some quality garden time. Hope everyone had a great weekend...


  1. Hi Karen, Don't laugh, but I cannot seem to post a reply comment on my own blog.
    Yes, we did spackle a sheet of mat board and it is photographed/detailed on the slate-look post. It was an accident when we were experimenting to make slate tiles that we made wood-look tiles.
    Hope that the slate post will help you.
    Regards Janine

    We had a tremendous wind storm here on the west coast too. Oh but what wonderful warm weather you are having.

  2. 'm glad you enjoyed my swap, thanks for publishing it.


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