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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old Chinese Curse

...says: May you live in interesting times!

Shortly before 2pm today, Ontario had a magnitude 5.0 earthquake that apparently rattled buildings from Sudbury in the north to New York City in the south area that includes us! There've only been 2 recorded earthquakes in this area with a greater magnitude.

So you'd think that would be enough.... but about 6 pm, we also had a tornado come through Midland, a town only 20 minutes away from us.

This poor guy has already started trying to clean up... He lives just off the area where touch down occurred
The rest of the hydro pole was sheered off at about car height but left standing. The city is declared a disaster area. There were rubber neckers everywhere, including us. Where the worst damage occurred was cordoned off. It was still light enough to see but not enough daylight left for long angle photography; so that was the best I could do.

This is the second tornado I've been through but not directly affected by.This was Barrie in 1985 when an F4 tornado touched down and destroyed the south end of the city. I remember driving past some of the damaged areas; it looked like a war zone. Trees were left still standing without a single leaf or any bark left. There 155 deaths that time; I believe todays damage was to property only.

According to Environment Canada, during an average year, we get approximately 80 reported tornadoes. Many more touch down in unpopulated areas and go undetected.

I think I've had enough interesting times for one day!


  1. Wow!! Interesting is one word for it!!
    Earthquakes I can live with (up to a point, maybe because we get used to them, having so many here in the Shaky Isles) but the thought of tornadoes scares the **** out of me!! They're like bush fires - 'finger of god' stuff.

  2. I'm glad you came out of this one alright, Karin. We live with bushfires and floods all the time as we live too far south for cyclones to worry us much. I don't know what would frighten me more. It all depends how you come out of it at the other end I guess..... Take care

  3. Good that you've safe and sound and the tornado didn't come at your place :) We are so lucky here in Finland, no tornados, mini-mini earthquakes in the very north that you hardly notice, no big floods, no bushfires, no zunamis - a pretty safe country.


  4. Wow....stranger than fiction. I've lived in tornado prone areas and now earthquake prone areas but never had both in one day !

  5. me either! ...and hope not to have both in one day again.

  6. I agree with Merry Jingle:
    We are so lucky here in Finland!
    I hope everything is all right there with you now!

  7. Me alegra que usted pueda contarlo con tanta normalidad, yo quizás no podría en mucho tiempo, y eso que por aquí no tenemos ese fenómeno.
    un abrazo

    He cheers me that you it can possess so many normality, I probably might not in a lot of time, and it that hereabouts we do not have this phenomenon.
    An embrace

  8. Oh, I'm glad you are well, Karin. Living in Germany, you see tornados and earthquakes only in TV, it must have been really scary, take care!



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