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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Followers & Give-Aways

I am indeed fortunate in having all of you as followers. One of my biggest thrills is reading all the comments you leave for me.
I'm nearing 150 followers.....just a little of a year ago when I started writing this blog, I was absolutely flabbergasted when Jean Day became my first follower! Who'd have thought that anyone! would be interested enough in my ramblings to hang around for long.
Today since it's my birthday.....I'm not going to tell you how old I am. I've already gotten way too many humorous cards that're age related...I'm going to have my first official give-away. I'm not going to tell you what it will be. You'll have to wait until April 15th. That's 5 days from now.

To get your name in the hat, leave me a comment, post a link on your blog and let me know where to find it. If you haven't got a blog but you are a follower, leave me a comment & mention those facts & I'll put your name in anyway.
....and now I'd better get busy in my craft room & whip up something special.
Good Luck!


  1. Seguro que llegas a muchos mas seguidores, tu blog se lo merece!!!!!
    Me encantaria participar en el sorteo, lo subo a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  2. Hey K, I don't have a blog! What I do have, is knowledge that whatever you make will be great!!!

  3. Happy birthday to you! Sto lat! as we say in my country:)

  4. Me encantara participar en el sorteo voy a visitar tu blog, me lo ha recomendado una amiga, ahora pongo una entrada en mi blob. Besos. Yolanda.

  5. Ciao Karin!!!
    Anche noi vogliamo partecipare al tuo give-away!
    Ci siamo segnate come tue lettrici fisse e ti abbiamo linkato nel nostro blog!
    Un bacione dall'ITALIA!!!

  6. Happy birthday to you! Adoraria participar do sorteio,meu blog:

  7. Happy birthday! I hope the fans are at least three times that you already have. Big kiss and get on my blog your drawing!

  8. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great time!!
    I would like to participate ;)
    I am already a follower and I have post your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog:
    Thanks for the chance.

  9. Hi Karin and Happy B-day!
    Congratulations om your nearly 150 followers! I am a new follower (no 149) and I would love to be considered in your giveaway!
    I will post this giveaway on the right bar in my blog...

    mini hugs

  10. Happy birthday!!
    I am also a follower and put the link in the sidebar of my blog.

  11. Hi and Happy birthday !
    I would like to participate in your giveaway ,I am already a follower and I have post your giveaway in my blog,but I can not leave a comment in your blog,This happens on several blogs...
    Thank you ,you have a happy day

    Maria Jose
    (This will make sure that I remember to count you in)

  12. Karin, Happy birthday to you and congratulations for having so many followers!!
    You have lovely things in your blog!

  13. Happy birthday Karin,and congratulations for have many followers in both blogs!! I follow your other blog since a long time because is very interesting and tutos are great, but I didn't know this blog!... will be happy and secure follow soon get over 200 followers, many thanks for your generosity and lots of luck to todos.Paky

  14. sorry, I forget it! my blog is and I announce your give away in the right sidebar of my blog!

  15. happy birthday to my friend's blog

  16. Hi,I'm a new follower.
    My blog is
    I announce your give away like a post.
    Happy birthday!

  17. Hallo Karin,
    Gefeliciteerd met 150 volgelingen!
    I `m een volgeling of uw blog :-)
    Mijn blog is

  18. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Karin. I hope you had a wonderful

  19. Com certeza não quero ficar de fora amei seu blog, e sou uma nova seguidora sua,bjs.

  20. See? I've been so darned busy with this eBay stuff, I totally missed this! I'll put the link on my blog along with the award! Congrats on 150--I am very late in hosting a giveaway myself! Always running to catch up!


  21. Enter me please! I dont have blog, but I'm a new follower via google (fisiwoman) ^^

    Ana Belén R.M

  22. Happy birthday!

    I'm a new follower via a blog of a friend.
    I'll post about the giveaway on my blog:

    Have a great day!

  23. ¡¡Happy birthday Karin...!! Your blog is fantastic, and your followers will be more every day...¡¡Congratulations!!I would like in your giveaway with a link on the sidebar on miy blog...Sorry, my english is very bad...

  24. Hello Karin, happy birthday, do not worry I will not ask how old you are, no one asks the age of a lady ... I would like to join your give away! I put the link on my blog!
    a kiss, Caterina

  25. ¡Felicidades por tu cumpleaños! y por esos seguidores,me encantaria poder participar en el sorteo ,ahora lo pongo en mi blog,saludos


  26. Happy B-day! I'm a follower but I don´t have a blog =(

    Enter me please! And Thanks for your blog, is perfect!


  27. Hello namesake,

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations for having so many followers!

    I put the link on my blog!

    Greetings, Karin.

  28. Hi Karin, congratulations on your birthday and your 163 followers. Would you please count me in for your giveaway? I am already a follower and have posted the link on my blog
    Have a nice day, Lara

  29. Happy, happy birthday!! I would like participate too.
    I'm already a follower and I have post your giveaway in my blog
    Kisses, Pilar

  30. Hello Karin, I already put a link to this rambling in my blog ( ).
    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. hello, from visible following today happy birthday to you

  33. Hello Karin. Although a bit 'late, congratulations for your birthday and your followers substantially exceeded 150!
    Your blog is full of cute animals and I see that you also love Beatrix Potter: I wonder if we'll surprise in this sense ...
    Just insert the link on my blog:
    A hug and greetings again

  34. Thanks for a chance to win..
    saluti dall'italia public in slidebar on
    Hugs, rosa

  35. Happy birthday!!! I hope yuo have a fantasti day and a lot of gifts!!!!

  36. Hello! My belated birthday greetings to you, and thanks for your blog :) I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!

    My blog is at and I'll put a link to your giveaway in the sidebar there.

    Once again, many happy returns of the day!

  37. happy birthday^_^congratulatios


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