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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I think I've started a trend...

Debbie sent me a link to Britain's smallest house:
This one up one down (so two rooms in total) meaures only 1.8m wide....that's not quite 11 ft... is situated on the quayside in Conwy, North Wales. It was apparently built as a fisherman's cottage. The last person to live in the cottage, Robert Jones was 6' 3" tall. You'd wonder why a man over six feet tall would build such a tiny house. He must have had a hunched back & perpetually walked bent over.

Here's the smallest house in Toronto in its heyday 1912. It apparently came back on the real estate market last month for $179,000 ...a mere fraction of the cost of it's neighbors. Totalling 106.6 sprawling square metres, it's been featured in articles and on television, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In other parts of Toronto you can buy 8,000 sq ft homes! (8000 ft² = 743.224 m²) Do people actually need that much space? Hopefully they can afford a live-in housekeeper. Think I'll quit complaining about the size of my house.

Just a quick reminder that you have until Thursday to enter my give-away. I'm pleased that so many of you are interested. I'm thinking of choosing two names.

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