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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new Award

I just received this award from Jaime of Lil Roomer Blog. Thank you Jaime!

I'm giving it to:
1. Deborah, whose husband is leaving for another tour of duty: dlsarmywife.blogspot

2. Elly, who's nursing a sick kitty: ellyinamsterdam.blogspot

3. Nancy, who's a nice lady: basketmasterweavings.blogspot

4. Tom, who's moving across 4 provinces and that alone deserves an award: turningsinminiature.blogspot

5. Jody, who's become a friend: peachblossomhill.blogspot


  1. Thank you for the award. I'm honored! I love all your miniatures (especially the baskets!)

  2. Thank you, Karin! I will post this and pass it on hopefully today after church and lunch! I do so appreciate your friendship and all the great advice and input you've given me lately as I am floundering around! LOL!


  3. Thank you Karin! I will pass it on to Shelly H-Y, who is such a great animal mom and is very interested about whether they can cure my kitty.
    At the moment the patient is very happy and asleep:-)


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