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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Party here!

I realize that not all the world celebrates Halloween so I thought I'd throw a typical bash so you could all see what your part of the world is missing ....and maybe you could the same for me at Mardi Gras time (which we Canadians don't celebrate).
I plan to start Monday the 25th and continue until Sunday the 31st ....Halloween Eve. I'll have creepy party food, history, traditions and hopefully some surprises.
Just so this won't be too boring for those of you who've grown up with all of this, on November 1st, I'll do a draw of names from everyone who left comments during the week of the open house. Followers only, sorry!

One vote per comment; one comment per day. So you could have up to 7 chances. What's the prize, you ask? How about your very own Jack-o-lantern...
Please stop by ...bring your friends; everybody's welcome. No RSVPs needed.


  1. Karin, me encanta Halloween y pasare por tu blog para disfrutar de esta semana tan especial.
    Espero con impaciencia esas sorpresas!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. What a cool idea. I hope to attend. Trick or treat!

  3. ¡Una idea brillante! Así conoceré más esta tradición que yo no he practicado de pequeña.
    Besos Clara

  4. Karin would love to come to your party, thanks for the invite! I'd do a trade too, sure, I love trading. (You do mean the mini jack o'lantern right? haaa!) email me chrisATcverstraeteDOTcom.

    Chris V.

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog and now I'm looking forward to the party Karin...Do we get dressed up?? :D

  6. Me parece muy interesante que nos puedas acercar esta fiesta vuestra a los que no la conocemos, yo por supuesto haré seguimiento de tu semana de halloween! pasatelo muy bien! Un beso.

  7. Hola! Me encanta que nos expliques cosas, ademas desde que hace años estuve en Usa en Octubre, me encanta esta fiesta. Un beso Gemma

  8. Wonderful! I love Hallowe'en!

  9. En España cada año se asimila mas esta tradición, somos un país acostumbrado a tomar los bueno de todos los sitios,jajaja.
    aunque en noviembre también tenemos otras tradiciones referidas a la muerte no tiene nada que ver con halloween.
    un abrazo.

    In Spain every year but this tradition is assimilated, we are a country used to take the good of all places, jajajajaja.
    but in November we also have other traditions concerning the death has nothing to do with Halloween.
    a hug.

  10. Feel Better! Something is definitely going around! I absolutely LOVE your castle and definitely will follow progress- Got to house my Wizard if he doesnt sell on Etsy! Need to go to your album and see more- Have fun creating! Lin K. from- Miniatures from Clay


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