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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lets Build a Castle out of Builders Foam

The castle prototype had a fireplace that extended out from the back wall.
But from all my reading, I knew I wanted a large imposing fireplace similar to this one: that I found on eBay but with a listing start of $99, I also knew that I'd be making my own. Here's some of the images that I collected:
don't remember whose this is
loved this one but I didn't think I could manage a corner fireplace.
I even collected kitchen vent images.

This is what I ended up withnot as imposing as I imagined but not too bad in scale with the rest of the castle. It also meant I didn't have to add the extra pieces to the back wall ...not that anyone will see them.
Real life has been imposing on my time lately so I haven't a photo to show the carved fireplace. Sorry!

I think after this there's only painting left to do. Just as well because the castle's new owner is expecting it no later than the end of the month. (You didn't think I'd keep it, did you? No room at my house for something this big.)


  1. What an excellent project, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. This is so cool, I can't believe how amazing it looks already! Thanks so much for posting all the steps along the way.

  3. Oh Wow, I was loving the outside walls, but the inside is even more amazing. Aww, too bad you can't keep it!

  4. Karin your Castle looks fab. I Love the picture of the Dragon Fireplace. xxx


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