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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lets Build a Castle out of Builders Foam

Although no fireplace, stairs or other internal room items have been added, you might be at the stage where you have some gluing to do...Remember that not all glues are alike; some do not! work well with foam, styrofoam, plastics etc! In this photo, you can see where the glue has eaten away at the foam. All I wanted to do is fill in gaps & instead I got bigger gaps. LOL
For this project, regular wood glue or 'The Ultimate' craft glue works sufficiently to hold these pieces together.
Oh and while we're on this subject, I should add that straight pins work so much better to hold parts together than just using the green painters tape.If you look closely, every part is being held with pins. I tried to put them in the "mortar joints" where I could, to avoid the need to cover up holes. Sometimes you just can't avoid it.


  1. what a bummer with the glue! I've been watching this with so much interest- thank you for posting Karin!

  2. Nadie diria que este maravilloso castillo de piedra, era morado :)) en un principio.
    Es increible lo que estás haciendo con espuma de poliestireno. Los alfileres están resultando una gran herramienta.
    Besos Clara


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