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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lets Build a Castle out of Builders Foam...

Still need to blacken the fireplace somewhat, and grunge up the corners but basically I'm done building.

Now to dress it up!
As Chelle said, I brought home enough goodies to fill 1-1/2 castles and originally I thought to make this into a knight Templar castle but as always, I let the building tell me what it should be. I'm allowing myself a week for this.

I'm really happy how the build has turned out! I almost wish I were keeping it but I know from experience that after admiring it for a week it would get relegated to a corner & forgotten. Better to give someone else the enjoyment.


  1. Wow, Karin - that is really something. I'd never have guessed (if I didn't already know) what it was created from. You've made a marvellous job of it - very atmospheric. The arch with the gargoyles is something else!

  2. Enhorabuena te ha quedado maravillosamente real!!!
    Que buen trabajo.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  3. WOW Karin!!! You've done a lot more since I last visited. That is soooooo cool!!! The doors, windows, all the stone trim work, and the gargoyle!!! Love this! I want to try it some day!!!

  4. Te ha quedado muy medieval. Muy buen trabajo.
    Besos Clara

  5. How great it is ! I am just amazed.

  6. It has turned out to be a really fabulous piece of work! I am very impressed :)

  7. un trabajo increíble la felicito, estoy deseando ver como lo termina.
    un abrazo

    congratulate an incredible job, I'm looking forward to seeing as it ends.
    a hug

  8. I'm going to say only one word, BEAUTIFUL :-))
    nice weekend

  9. You have done a fantastic job on the castle, it looks so realistic and all beautifully proportioned. Love the windows and the doorways and the gargoyle.


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